CEO, MTechZilla

Engineer by choice and passion

I am an ambivert geek who has been working in Software Development for the past four years. I am a big fan of JavaScript and TypeScript. I prefer ReactJS/NextJS for building frontend, React-Query for managing state, and Express/Serverless for developing web API. I love to share my development experiences via articles, and you can find them published under the FreeCodeCamp News domain. I am a big fan of Marvel comics.


Things I can help you with

Frontend Development

Developing frontend is difficult, and it can be more difficult as you scale. I can help you build a scalable and interactive frontend for your platform with my experience.

API Development

APIs are a core part of any platform. That's why it is more important to design and develop them in the right and secure way. I can help you in achieving this with my experience.

Bot Development

Now everyone has an AI bot either on their phone or as a hardware device. It's nice to have your platform integrated with such solutions. I can help you in achieving this with my experience.

Platform Architecture

To develop an application or platform that will scale to millions of users efficiently, you need to use the right framework. I can help you with making this decision process easy with my experience.